Dr. Albert Viet Le (Australian and USA-board certified specialist in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry)

Dr. Albert Viet Le – Bringing international dental treatment standards to Vietnam

Bringing international dental treatment standards to Vietnam that will benefit the Vietnamese people, expatriates and foreign visitors is the mission and motivation of Dr. Albert Viet Le. In addition to being and a caring clinician with significant achievements in Australia and abroad, Dr. Albert Viet Le is focused on accessibility to affordable quality dental care in Vietnam.

Portrait of Dr. Albert Viet Le

Education and career

In 2003, Dr. Albert Viet Le completed his dental training at Melbourne University (Australia), graduating with honours and was awarded the WJ Tuckfield Prize for highest performance in prosthodontics. After graduation, he worked as a full-time Dental Officer in the Australian Army from 2003-2007 where he served in Australia, Asia and Iraq. Dr. Albert Viet Le transferred to the Army Reserves and entered full-time private practice for 7 years where he enjoyed providing highest quality general dentistry. During this time, Dr. Albert Viet Le completed advanced training in endodontics and restorative dentistry, and a 2-year implantology program at Melbourne University where he learned surgery and prosthodontics.

With the mission to offer clinical excellence for his patients, he moved to the USA for advanced specialist training in periodontics and implant dentistry at Columbia University (New York), one of the top dental schools in the USA.  During his specialty training, Dr. Albert Viet Le received awards for best academic and clinical performance. After finishing the 3-year full-time program in 2016, he was invited to teach and research at Columbia University. He is a specialist periodontist and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Inner desire to make a positive difference in his parent’s homeland

Although he was born and raised in Australia, Dr. Albert Viet Le had a desire to return to Vietnam, his parents’ homeland, to make a positive impact. That thought stuck in his mind for a long time. He shared: “I have helped many people in Australia and the United States. I am also blessed to have learned and trained at prestigious schools. Now, I want to help and serve the Vietnamese people in Vietnam.”  He returned to Vietnam and is contributing to the profession by teaching and training dentists here.

In addition, Dr. Albert Viet Le plays significantly important roles at Nha Viet Dental as the specialist expert in Periodontal disease and dental implant dentistry.  With his mission to bring international dental treatment standards to Vietnam, Dr. Albert Viet Le is turning Nha Viet Dental into a world-class dental clinic. Dr. Albert Viet Le applies advanced knowledge that he has learned and practiced abroad for patients at Nha Viet Dental. The goal which he and his staff are striving for is that Nha Viet Dental will be a dental center offering honest, meticulous clinical care and excellent customer service.

A humble doctor despite tremendous achievements

Dr. Albert Viet Le and patient

It can be said that with his impressive academic achievement and many years of professional experience with more than 2000 periodontal cases, over 1000 dental implant cases, and 1000 porcelain prosthetic cases, Dr. Albert Viet Le has the right to be proud of the success he has achieved. But in fact, most people who know him would all say he is a sociable, humble doctor, and highly focused on his patient’s well-being. He is always available for his patients and always treat patients with the utmost conscientiousness and gentle care.

With the advantage of having English as his first language, Dr. Albert Viet Le can easily communicate with customers who don’t speak Vietnamese. Therefore, more and more people are coming to see Dr. Albert Viet Le.  His work schedule is always full due to the trust from numerous domestic and foreign patients.

Besides a successful career, Dr. Albert Viet Le has a special interest in travel. You will be surprised to know that Dr. Albert Viet Le has traveled to 45 countries. His personal goal is to visit 100 countries. To him, traveling is the most effective way to reduce stress and learn new things. In addition, he also enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, and enjoying classic Broadway plays.

Dr. Albert Viet Le’s favorite quote: “Don’t try to be a successful person but try to become a person of value” (Albert Einstein) which he applies to his daily life.  Those around him have never seen him look tired or complain about anything, he just keeps on passionately helping as many people as possible and contributing to the dental profession.