Why choose Nha Viet


I. A group of dentists specializing in many areas of examination, diagnosis, planning and treatment at Nha Viet

The comprehensive treatment plan, pre-prognosis of accurate treatment brings successful, long-term results of Implant treatment. It is very important to have a group of dentists specialized in many areas to diagnose.

Dr. Vo Van Tu Hien and his colleagues at Nha Viet

Dr. Vo Van Tu Hien specialized in Implant surgery (bone grafting, sinus lift, dental implant placement, etc.): The first dentists who brings Implant technology earned from the United States to deploy in Vietnam (at the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology (NHOS) Ho Chi Minh City). Currently, he is President of International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI) in Vietnam.

Dr. Albert specialized in Periodontitis: treatment of soft tissue augmentation around dental implant, aesthetic regeneration of incisor gums, treatment of periodontitis before implantation to ensure long-term, successful results, etc. He was trained in 15 years in the US and Australia.

Dentists specialized in Dental implant restoration: A group of dentists specializing in Dental implant restoration with 15-20 years of experience. They were trained under the transnational education program of ICOI and New York University (USA).

The place you can believe in medical ethics: A group of specialized dentists is directed to give advice on methodical, standard treatment and compliance with professional ethics.

An entire group of dentists always attempts to “transform themselves continuously”: Update the latest knowledge, treatment trends and technology around the world instead of “taking the old-fashioned shirt” with the pride of the first Implant Center in Vietnam

II. The demand on your painless treatment is understood at Nha Viet.

– Before treatment:

The dentists listen to your demands

A group of dentists (at least 2 dentists) carefully advises, discusses with you about the treatment plan that suits your demand, time and financial plan.

– During treatment: The dentists will treat gently, delicately and painlessly. You will be treated painlessly even after anesthesia (Dentists use topical anesthetics to become routine treatment)

– After treatment: The dentists elaborately give an advice on home care, painkillers and careful re-examination for you.

III. Facilities – Sterile procedures are strictly followed at Nha Viet.

Investment in specialized equipment:

Cone beam CT, specialized application software simulates the planning of surgical implants before your treatment (safety, pre-prognosis of your treatment results)

Specialized machines, tools contributes to rapid, accurate treatment and heal wounds better after surgery.

The team is well-trained and routinely applied to an intensive Implant Center (Avoid infection, cross-infection)

IV. Laboratory manufacturing porcelain teeth is located at Nha Viet – Dental Implant Center.

Selection of quality materials is strictly controlled by Dentists.

Help control quality and meet flexible demands of each Patient.

Contribute to the quality of long-term successful treatment.

V. A Customer service team has specialize training

A dental team is experienced at Nha Viet

Staffs is dedicated and always ready to serve customers

Coming to Nha Viet, being treated with a group of good, experienced dentists, specialized in many fields, whole-heart caring. Moreover, everything is best equipped but the cost of treatment is very reasonable, etc., which makes you more secure when you “have full confidence” in Nha Viet.