Clear aligners

Clear aligners in orthodontics are one of the new and most modern orthodontic techniques today. This method will use transparent plastic tray to correct the teeth defects instead of using instruments in metal or porcelain braces.

Clear aligners in orthodontics - The latest technology in orthodontics

Who are suitable for clear aligners in orthodontics?

No matter what age you are, who doesn’t want to have a beautiful, charming and confident smile. 90% of a beautiful smile will decide by your teeth. That's why if there are any teeth defects such as:

  • Irregular teeth, malocclusion
  • Overbite, underbite teeth
  • Teeth gaps, crooked teeth
  • Those who wish to improve their teeth defects

If you have tried orthodontic methods before which are not effective or inappropriate, you should think about solutions to use clear aligners.

Images of customers before and after getting clear aligners in orthodontics

Why should you choose clear aligners in orthodontics to improve teeth defects?

Clear aligners in orthodontics are highly effective

Like other orthodontic method, clear aligners in orthodontics are designed according to the size and condition of each specific patient. Therefore, it makes sure to adjust the teeth defects effectively. In addition, the pulling force is spread evenly so that the wearer does not feel aches. Especially, thanks to safe transparent plastic tray, it does not cause erosion of enamel.

Getting orthodontics likes no orthodontics

If you are afraid that orthodontic methods will:

  • Make you lose confidence when communicating. Since the opposite people will know that you wear orthodontic instruments
  • Or you must pay more attention to eating and drinking

You should look for clear aligners in orthodontics. Clear aligners in orthodontics have tray are made from transparent plastic. Therefore, when communicating in daily activities, it is difficult to detect that you are having orthodontics. This method ensures the highest aesthetic in current orthodontic methods.

Convenience for users

Thanks to the combination of transparent and easy to remove tray features, it creates ease, comfort and flexibility for users. You will no longer hesitate because orthodontics has to abstain from favorite foods. You can even change the tray according to your dentist's instructions, if conditions do not allow you to come to the dental clinic, usually 3 - 6 months for dental re-examination.

However, the best advice is that you should go to the designated dental schedule

Ensure safety

Transparent tray of clear aligners in orthodontics is made from super safe dental plastic. It is very friendly to the health of users. Therefore, please feel free to use it without worrying about any allergies to your body.

The process of clear aligners in orthodontics at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center

Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center is currently one of the dental centers rated positively about dental services by customers that ensure prestige, safety and quality in the last 15 years. Especially, clear aligners in orthodontics at Nha Viet are made according to modern techniques from a team of experienced dentists and the most scientific process.

Step 1: Consulting and clinical examination

Any patient who comes to Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center will be examined and consulted by experienced dentists to understand the patient's problem. After that, the dentist will clarify how the procedure is done to help the patients understand their treatment process.

Dentists at Nha Viet consult and examine customers who have the demand of clear aligners in orthodontics

Step 2: Taking X-ray to check the condition of teeth and bones

After consulting and understanding the treatment process, the dentist will take X-ray to check the details of each client's dental condition.

Taking X-rays to check dental condition

Because there is no theory better than practice, therefore, all treatment options at Nha Viet must be planned correctly with modern equipment and materialized by specific numbers from the X-ray film.

Step 3: Taking sample of patient’s jaw check for occlusion

Once the treatment regimen has been agreed, the dentist conducts the sampling of your jaw to design tray and check occlusion for each patient.

Transparent tray increases the aesthetics of the jaw

Step 4: Treatment plan and initial consultant for customer

The dentist understands the patient's desire when coming to the clinic to be well informed about their treatment plan

The dentist at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center always makes clear treatment plans such as:

  • Treatment methods: tooth extraction, tooth grinding, etc.
  • Suitable tray
  • Time
  • Cost

Step 5: Oral hygiene treatment and putting the tray on

Before wearing the transparent tray, each patient will be treated dental problems such as tooth decay, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc. At the same time, the dentist will guide patients to wear and remove tray technically and correctly when wearing at home.

The dentist advises dental problems before wearing tray

Step 5: Periodic re-examination

According to the dentist's schedule, usually every once time per 2-3 months, the patient will come to follow up the change in the jaw so that the dentist can adjust the tray to fit each specific stage.

The dentist re-examines the orthodontics for the client according to the dentist's appointment

Clear aligners in orthodontics at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center

You can choose clear aligners in orthodontics at any center that advertises this service. However, to choose an address that ensures effectiveness, safety and quality, that address is required to have all the elements such as:

  • A team of experienced and professional dentists
  • Modern facilities and system
  • Successful implementation of many orthodontic cases
  • Reputation of that dental brand

Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center fully guarantees these factors and receives the trust of domestic and foreign customers. Therefore, if you are having dental problems, why not choose Nha Viet. At Nha Viet, we are committed to quality - reputation and effectiveness for all dental services.

Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center is located at: 125 Le Thi Rieng, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Clear aligners in orthodontics are one of the new techniques to help you get beautiful and comfortable teeth. This is the best choice for those who want to improve their dental defects without wearing braces.