Fissure sealants

Preventing tooth decay with fissure sealant is an effective way to prevent tooth decay in children and adults. Sealant helps to protect teeth surface having holes from the penetration of bacteria that cause tooth decay and dental diseases later.

The surface of a tooth has small holes, especially the occlusal surface; this is an area that foods, bacteria are accumulated and hard to have a good dental hygiene. Foods and bacteria that accumulate for a long time will put your children at risk of tooth decay.

Teeth before and after applying fissure sealant

What is sealant and how to apply fissure sealant?

Sealant is a transparent or colored material used for sealing holes in the surfaces of teeth that are easy to have tooth decay, as a protective shield layer by sealing out bacteria and food.

Fissure sealant helps to prevent tooth decay effectively, especially for children.


We often think that to clean up plaque on teeth, we just need to brush, use mouthwash, dental floss. Although thorough brushing and flossing can remove food and plaque from smooth surfaces of incisors, they cannot always get into all the nooks and crannies of the back teeth (the premolars and molars) to remove the food and plaque. It will create conditions for bacteria to invade teeth.

Intertooth spaces is a place that bacteria are easy to proliferate. A dental sealant helps to protect this area so that your teeth are always healthy.

To prevent bacteria from proliferating, fissure sealant method preventing tooth decay was invented. By sealing holes with sealant, you have made yourself a perfect protective shield to avoid future tooth decay problems.

The impact of fissure sealant in preventing tooth decay

Sealant is a transparent or colorless plastic. It is placed on the chewing (occlusal) surface of the back teeth (premolars and molars), which helps protect them from tooth decay for children.  

Applying dental sealant is very simple and does not cause pain. Parents just need to take children to the dentist and do not abstain from eating or drinking after a fissure sealant.
Sealant can be maintained for a long time for about 10 years if your child does not chew a lot of hard things and have periodic dental care. The dentists will check and correct it promptly.

Which kinds of people are suitable for fissure sealant technique to prevent tooth decay

Applying dental sealant to prevent tooth decay is most suitable for children and adolescents (6-14 years old). Since their teeth are not fully developed at this time and they also do not know how to clean their teeth properly. Therefore, they are easily invaded by bacteria. In addition, the primary (milk) teeth are waiting for permanent teeth to be replaced. Hence, children need fissure sealant to protect their teeth.

Fissure sealant is suitable for children aged 6-14 years

In addition to children, adolescents and adults can also apply fissure sealant, especially those with a predisposition toward tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay is necessary no matter what age you are.

Procedures of fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay at Nha Viet

Nha Viet is a comprehensive dental care address for both children and adults. If you are in need of preventing tooth decay for your children, you can come to Nha Viet. This technique is quite simple and done quickly. With good dentists and modern equipment, dental sealant will take place safely:

Step 1: The dentist will examine the child's fissure condition. If the dentist finds any dental disease, he will take corrective measures before applying fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay. Child’s teeth need a dental hygiene before proceeding.
Step 2: The dentist proceeds to dry teeth that need fissure sealant. To do this cotton balls and absorbent materials are put around the tooth to keep it dry, not be wet due to saliva.
Step 3: The dentist will use a mild acid solution to put on the chewing surface, which helps the sealant bond to the teeth. This type of acid is very light and safe.

Dentists of Nha Viet with extensive experience will help you have a beautiful and safe dental filling

Step 4: Sealant is then painted onto the tooth surface that need fissure sealant, where it bonds directly to the tooth and hardens. In order for this process to happen quickly, a special curing light is used to help the sealant harden.

After applying fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay, the dentist will take note of some care methods in the early stage so that your child can get the best protection from fissure sealant material.

Some questions of parents when applying fissure sealant for their children to prevent tooth decay in Nha Viet?

How long does a fissure sealant last?

Fissure sealant can prevent tooth decay for up to 10 years. In case, if parents know how to guide their children to take care of their teeth properly and have regular dental checkups to check for chipping.  
Can fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay apply for the entire teeth of children?

Many parents want to have maximum protection for child’s teeth, so the dentist is required to apply fissure sealant to the entire jaw. This is not possible because this sealant can only be applied in teeth with grooves, and with smooth surface like incisors is difficult to apply.

After applying fissure sealant, do children need a careful dental hygiene?

Many parents neglect dental hygiene after preventing tooth decay for their children by dental sealant. Please note that this is only one of steps to protect child’s teeth. Therefore, parents should guide children to clean their teeth scientifically, carefully to get the best protection even though they previously applied a fissure sealant.

After applying fissure sealant, parents should guide children to clean their teeth scientifically to get the best protection


Fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay at Nha Viet is made by a team of good dentists and understanding child psychology, which will help your children get the best protection. If you want your family to avoid dental diseases such as tooth decay, pulp inflammation, you can directly visit dental center for specific advice.

Paediatric dental services at Nha Viet:

- Periodic dental checkups;
- Fissure sealants to prevent tooth decay;
- Primary (milk) teeth fillings;
- Pulp treatment in primary (milk) teeth;
- Primary (milk) tooth extraction;
- Early orthodontic treatment;