Interceptive orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics for children is a strange concept and it has not been taken seriously in Vietnam. This is a technique for correcting tooth defects for children from an early age. Therefore, they can have beautiful and confident teeth after growing up.

What is interceptive orthodontics for children?

Interceptive orthodontics or orthodontics should be focused on children aged 7-15 years old. Since at this stage their primary teeth are gradually replaced by permanent teeth, the jawbone structure is also stable. If the child have orthodontic at this time, it will be very effective and the time will be shorter compared to growing up. Living abroad, children are involved in the interceptive orthodontic process at early age. However, in Vietnam, not many parents pay attention to this.

Children should have interceptive orthodontics at early age to to reduce the time of orthodontics and achieve higher efficiency


Why should your children have interceptive orthodontics at early age?

The teeth of children aged from 7-15 years old develop strongly, the impact on teeth at this stage will affect the aesthetic of children later. The implementation of interceptive orthodontics for children at early age has the following benefits:

  • Before 18 years old, the underbite/ overbite teeth or crooked teeth are more easily "treated" in children than adults. At this time, the intervention of orthodontic methods makes it easy for children to have better teeth when they are older.
  • Children having orthodontics from an early age will have less impact on communication and work later. When they are young, they paid less attention to their appearance; therefore, wearing braces did not make them or their friends pay much attention. When they grow up, wearing braces are often shy because they have to meet people often, especially on business meetings.

Children aged 7-15 years old are suitable for participating in interceptive orthodontic

Why do children need interceptive orthodontics treatment?

The abnormalities in bone development can be corrected if it is promptly interfered at the golden time of interceptive orthodontics. Early examination, detection and treatment at this stage greatly help the final result of the comprehensive orthodontic process when they grow up.


What are stages of interceptive orthodontics for children?

According to dentists, interceptive orthodontics for children aged 7-15 years old has two stages:

  • Stage 1: When children are 7-9 years old. At this time, the interceptive orthodontics is the following up the condition of child's teeth by dentist in order to be able to intervene, correct some deviations of the primary teeth, prepare for the replacement of permanent teeth, eliminate defects such as deep overbite, crossbite occlusion, mesioclusion with functional instruments.
  • Stage 2: When children are 10-15 years old: At this time, the teeth are fully grown. This stage is very suitable to carry orthodontics to bring the highest orthodontic effect. The dentist will wear orthodontic instruments on children to move and rearrange the position of teeth so that the teeth of children have optimal aesthetic results, ensuring good chewing function as well as pronunciation.

Interceptive orthodontics for children usually does not take too much time. Some children only need to wear braces from 18-30 to have efficacy as expected. Some cases which teeth have more defects will need to wear braces in a longer time.

The process of interceptive orthodontics

Step 1: Examine and early detect abnormalities
Step 2: Dental X-ray and analyze data
Step 3: Instruct to use orthodontic instruments and have periodic follow-up treatment
Step 4: Maintain results of interceptive orthodontic treatment and prepare for comprehensive orthodontics

Understanding the techniques of interceptive orthodontics for children at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center

Nha Viet encourages parents to bring their children to dentistry to participate in the interceptive orthodontic process in early age. The team of professional and experienced dentists at Nha Viet will help your children get the best orthodontic results with the following two methods:

  • Orthodontics with fixed braces: Possibly, to bring the highest dental orthodontic efficacy, no techniques can compare with orthodontics with fixed braces. This techniques can include metal braces, porcelain braces, lingual braces, etc. The dentist will wear a fixed brace on children and it will only be removed when the children have achieved the orthodontic efficacy as expected. This technique takes a lot of time, quite complicated, and requires parents to help their children very much. In return, after finishing, the tooth defects such as underbite/ overbite teeth, crooked teeth (mild to severe condition) are thoroughly overcome.

Orthodontics with fixed braces are chosen by many people thanks to high orthodontic efficacy

  • Clear aligner braces/ Invisalign: This method will give children a set of transparent braces and wear them in each stage. Only children who do not have many teeth defects can perform this method effectively. Nowadays, the favorite technique is invisalign.

Clear aligner braces are suitable for children who do not have many teeth defects

Interceptive orthodontics for children at Nha Viet is conducted by a team of dentist who are professional, experienced and love children. Along with that is the advanced orthodontic technology with modern machinery and equipment, which will help your children achieve the highest aesthetic effect in the fastest time.

Some notes of dental care when implementing interceptive orthodontics for children proposed by Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center

Children are unaware of the importance of oral hygiene and will have difficulty in performing these operations at the orthodontic stage. Therefore, parents should note the following information to help their children participate in interceptive orthodontics easier:

  • Instruct your child to brush teeth properly, brush with a soft brush, use dental floss to remove leftover food and mouthwash to thoroughly clean teeth.

Practice your children a habit of scientific oral hygiene, which helps interceptive orthodontic achieve higher results.

  • Advise children not to have movements such as pushing tongue when having orthodontics since it will affect the orthodontic result.
  • It is recommended to create for children an eating habit with lots of fruits and vegetables, soft foods, staying away from sandwiches, crunchy/ hard food, soft drinks. Do not use teeth to open bottles or bite food during orthodontic stages.
  • Practice your children a habit of informing parents when seeing any unusual things. Periodically visit the dentistry so that the dentist can review the situation and correct if any problems occur.

Nha Viet with a team of professional and experienced dentists will help your children to have a safe interceptive orthodontics, so that they can have beautiful and confident teeth in their adulthood.

Interceptive orthodontics for children plays an important role for dental development of children in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right dental address so that the dentists can give you the best advice. Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center with over 12 years of experience will help you answer any concerns, worries. Please contact the hotline 0909 890 098 - 028 3925 6502.