Metallic braces

Metal braces are a traditional orthodontic method to help you improve the defects of your teeth such as crooked teeth, underbite, overbite teeth, etc. With lower cost than other types of braces, simple treatment process; therefore, orthodontic method with metal braces is the choice of both adults and children.

Beautiful teeth are the wish of all of us

Being a familiar orthodontic method, metal braces have been accompanied by many customers all over the world, bringing radiant smiles and strong teeth for everyone. The process of orthodontics with metal braces will last from 18 to 24 months, depending on the condition of your teeth.

Orthodontics with metal braces are a popular method used by many customers

It is considered to be one of the first methods applied in orthodontic techniques. With the advantages of cheap cost, simple implementation process and high efficiency in adjusting the inaesthetics of overbite - underbite teeth, incorrectly positioned teeth or malocclusion. Therefore, it becomes favorite and selected choice of many customers.

Orthodontics with metal braces

For children aged from 12 years old who have primary teeth are completely replaced by permanent teeth, the treatment time will be shorter than adults. Since their jawbone is soft, which allows the teeth to move more quickly. The process of treatment must be carried out by highly skilled and qualified orthodontists to plan and arrange teeth effectively.

In addition, orthodontic technology has developed a lot of instruments to help orthodontics can start when children are 7 years old, stimulate permanent teeth to grow in the right position and have regular bite. Minimizing the severe underbite - overbite teeth, crooked teeth and malocclusion leading to the surgery or reducing the orthodontics in adulthood.

Interceptive orthodontics for children

Orthodontics is the exclusive method to help you have a beautiful and regular teeth. Besides, orthodontics improves chewing function, help the bite to be not disturbed and face become more harmonious, etc. without affecting teeth, completely preserving precious teeth. Those are good things that orthodontics with metal braces in particular and other types of braces in general bring to us.

Cases SHOULD get metal braces?

Orthodontics with metal braces is the solution that many customers choose to improve problems such as:

  • Incorrect teeth position: misaligned teeth, malocclusion, crooked teeth...
  • Treatment of defects such as teeth gaps, overbite, underbite teeth.
  • Desire to have more beautiful and regular teeth.
  • Do not want to affect natural teeth.

Cases should get orthodontics

Currently, technology is growing fast, orthodontics with metal braces has new improvements in form, which helps customers feel more comfortable and natural in the process of orthodontics. Depending on your aesthetic needs, you can choose one of the two types of metal braces below:

Traditional metal braces are the basic type of braces. It is too familiar to most customers. The metal bracket of this brace is strongly structured, which can suffer most types of daily interaction forces and is shaped and fixed by elastic (rubber band) ties.

Current types of metal braces

Metal braces are usually made of gold, silver or stainless steel. Depending on your needs as well as your status, you can choose 2 types of metal braces as follows:

Current types of metal braces

+ Traditional braces: This is a common type of braces in orthodontics with metal braces. It uses a metal bracket with a strong force to shape and fix teeth with elastic (rubber band) ties. With this type, at first, you will feel uncomfortable but after 1 - 2 weeks, you no longer feel uncomfortable.

+ Self-ligating braces: Self-ligating braces are the new technique nowadays, utilize a permanently installed, moveable component to entrap the archwire. This type does not use elastic (rubber band) ties in comparison with the traditional braces. The advantage of this method is that it helps the dentists control, adjust the force better. Therefore

  • Impact on teeth with continuous force for a faster treatment
  • Reduce sliding friction force leading to pain relief
  • No elastic (rubber band) ties; therefore, forces are stable
  • No elastic (rubber band) ties; therefore, eating does not make it contaminated

Why should you choose metal braces for orthodontics?

  • Improve the defects such as underbite, overbite teeth, teeth gaps, crooked teeth, etc. and quickly bring beautiful and regular teeth.
  • Ensuring convenience during orthodontics; therefore, you can still naturally communicate, eat without any discomfort
  • The cost is cheaper than other orthodontic method, suitable for many individual income
  • Implement simply and ensure high safety for patients, including children can also get orthodontics with metal braces.

FYI: Feelings when wearing braces?

In the beginning, when you have a brace, you will feel uncomfortable in your cheeks and lips. However, after a short time, you will get used to the existence of braces in your mouth and eating will become easier. In the case of braces uncomfortably touching your cheek, which causes bleeding, you should use wax to place at the area of the braces causing pain. It will help you feel more comfortable.

The process of most effective orthodontics with metal braces

Step 1: Consulting and taking X-ray to check your teeth condition

It is not always possible for applying orthodontics to underbite/overbite or crooked teeth. Therefore, initial consultation and check-up are very important to determine whether you should get braces or not.

At Nha Viet, dentists take X-ray to determine the cause of defects on your teeth. At the same time, these data will help the dentists have detailed plan to conduct orthodontics with metal braces.

Consult and take X-ray to check your teeth condition

Step 2: Designing detailed treatment plan

From the data of X-ray, the dentist discusses with the patient the treatment regimen for metal braces to each case. This plan will include the rate of movement, treatment time of stages to ensure the effectiveness, safety and accuracy.

Step 3: Taking sample of patient’s jaw

After unifying the treatment regimen, to get metal braces, the dentist conducts the sampling of the jaw to design braces to fit the teeth condition of each patient.

Step 4: Oral hygiene and putting metal braces on

Oral hygiene and treatment of related diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis... are necessary before wearing braces.

At Nha Viet, dentists conduct examination and treatment of related oral diseases then put metal braces on and check the impact force to make sure when wearing the braces, the patients will feel comfortable and most pleasant.

The dentist checks the dental condition before orthodontics

Step 5: Scheduling dentist appointments to follow up

Orthodontics with metal braces requires regular follow-up visits so that dentist can adjust accordingly to the dental condition of each stage. Therefore, the dentist will schedule appointments to help customers know the time when they should re-examine.

Why should customer get orthodontics with metal braces at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center?

Orthodontics with metal braces are not new; however, if customers need to have a safe implementation, ensure high effectiveness, you should choose a prestigious address to conduct. Nowadays, Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center is the address trusted and given positive reviews about modern dental services.

+ A team of friendly, experienced and highly specialized dentists, nurses in orthodontics in particular and dental services in general.

A team of dentists and nurses at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center

+ Modern facilities, systems and always updated with new technologies from developed countries in the world.

Reception & lobby at Nha Viet - The place makes customers feel comfortable and at home

+ Always focus on quality, prestige more than the profit.

Quality of orthodontics is placed first when customers come to Nha Viet

+ Dedicated and always take care of customers with the best services.

Customer service team always support and advise customers

Currently, orthodontics with metal braces is a solution with many outstanding advantages that not all orthodontic methods can do. Therefore, if you have dental problems, why not choose this method as a solution to help you solve those problems for a more confident smile.