Preventive dentistry

Teeth of adult has periodic dental checkup; therefore, teeth of children also need to checkup. It is necessary for parents to care their children. Teeth of children are continuously developing and changing over time. Periodic dental checkup for children will help dentists detect bad signs, diseases and complications in children's teeth, etc. Thereof, there are prompt solutions to treat.

The importance of periodic dental checkup for children

Periodic dental checkup for children plays an important role. Especially, throughout the development of teeth in particular and comprehensive development of children in general. When having periodic dental checkup, the dentists will early detect:
+ The situation of early tooth decay in children.
+ Checkup to have dental sealants, so that children do not have early tooth decay.
+ Early detect and treat tooth decay, gum diseases.
+ Follow up the process of dentition. If there are abnormal signs of teeth such as: lack of tooth bud, lack of areas for dentition, extra teeth, etc. And abnormalities of gums such as: low labial frenum, lingual frenum attachment, etc. Or abnormalities jawbone such as narrow jaw arches…

Periodic dental checkup for children to early detect abnormalities of the teeth

When and how often should children have a periodic dental checkup

Usually, a child who has primary (milk) teeth in the period of 5-6 months old and up to 2 years old completes his or her primary (milk) teeth set. Until 13 years old, the primary (milk) teeth were replaced and the child began to grow permanent teeth. If during this period, the primary (milk) teeth have periodic dental checkup, good care, it will create a good foundation for permanent teeth.
According to the advice of dental specialists, children should have periodic dental checkup at least half a year for early detection of disease and abnormalities. However, if your family has living conditions, parents should take their children to q reputation dental center for dental exams more than once a year.

Children should have periodic dental checkup at least half a year

Tips for caring for children’s teeth at home

Besides the periodic dental checkup, parents can also combine self-care for their children at home with the following tips:

+ For young children who have not brushed by themselves: Parents can help them brush their teeth or clean their teeth. Namely, by using clean gauze and wrap it around your index finger.

+ When children get older: They can brush their teeth by themselves after each meal and before going to bed.

+ Teach and advise children not to eat so many sweet candies, chew ice, suck on their hands, bite hard objects, toys, etc.. Since it affects the jaw structure and the development of their primary (milk) teeth.

+ Practice your children to take good care of their teeth by simple methods from a young age.

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