Porcelain braces

Orthodontics with porcelain braces is one of the methods using orthodontic instruments including archwire, rubber band, porcelain ligature, bracket to adjust teeth to the right position on the jaw. Currently, porcelain braces are preferred and selected by many customers because they not only bring high efficiency but also ensure aesthetic for customers during orthodontics.

Cases apply orthodontics with porcelain braces?

Like other orthodontic method, orthodontics with porcelain braces also apply to the following cases:

  • Overbite, underbite teeth, or teeth and bones
  • Crooked,irregular teeth
  • Teeth gaps
  • Misaligned teeth, malocclusion
  • Those who wish to improve their dental defects

Cases should get orthodontics

Types of porcelain braces that you can choose

Orthodontics with porcelain braces currently has 2 types which are traditional and self-ligating type as follows:

Porcelain braces are safe and effective

+ Traditional porcelain braces: This is a common type of braces in orthodontics. It uses a metal bracket with a strong force to shape and fix teeth with elastic (rubber band) ties. With this type, at first, you will feel uncomfortable but after 1 - 2 weeks, you no longer feel uncomfortable.

+ Self-ligating porcelain braces: Self-ligating braces are the new technique nowadays, utilize a permanently installed, moveable component to entrap the archwire. This type does not use elastic (rubber band) ties in comparison with the traditional braces. The advantage of this method is that it helps the dentists control, adjust the force better. Therefore

  • Impact on teeth with continuous force for a faster treatment
  • Reduce sliding friction force leading to pain relief
  • No elastic (rubber band) ties; therefore, forces are stable
  • No elastic (rubber band) ties; therefore, eating does not make it contaminated

Why should you choose porcelain braces to improve teeth defects?

Why should you choose porcelain braces to improve teeth defects?

Outstanding treatment effect

If comparing the effectiveness, porcelain braces are not inferior to other methods. Although it is made from porcelain materials which many people think that the pulling force is not guaranteed, the truth is that the pulling force is very stable. Therefore, it helps the teeth move to the desired position in a short time. Moreover, the remarkable point of this method is the self-ligating technique, it not only makes the pulling force better but also limits the pain for customers.

Ensure high aesthetics

Orthodontics with porcelain braces have the same color as the natural teeth; therefore, during the process of orthodontics, other people are still hard to realize that you are using orthodontic instruments. This is the difference of this orthodontic method, so even if you wear braces, you are confident to communicate with other people.

Safe and benign for users

The instruments consist of bracket, archwire, elastic (rubber band) ties, which are completely made of benign and safe materials for users. Currently, there are no cases of irritation when wearing porcelain braces; therefore, you can be assured of the safety of this method.

The process of the most standard orthodontics with porcelain braces

In order to understand the steps to implement the correct and detailed orthodontics with porcelain braces, please refer to the procedure at Nha Viet -Dental Implant Center.

Step 1: X-ray examination

First, the dentist at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center will conduct a checkup for you.

Next, X-rays will be taken: Pano and Cepha to determine your current teeth, jaw problems. This will help the dentist know your status to get the right solution.

X-ray examination

Step 2: Orthodontic plan

Based on the results of the X-ray, the dentist will provide detailed orthodontic regimen for each case to discuss and finalize the plan according to your condition and your financial situation.

The dentist creates a treatment plan for customer

Step 3: Taking sample of patient’s jaw

When you have selected the detailed orthodontic regimen and agreed with the regimen, the dentist conducts the sampling of your jaw to design braces it in the most modern LAP room of Nha Viet.

Step 4: Wearing braces and schedule a follow-up appointment

After having the braces, you will be informed of the installation date. Before getting braces, the dentist will make dental hygiene, treat the dental problems you have. After that, the dentist will use the necessary tools to install the instrument on your teeth to making sure the whole process takes place quickly, accurately and safely.

Dentist at Nha Viet are working on getting braces and scheduling a follow-up appointment

Step 5: Periodic re-examination

After you have a follow-up appointment, you only need to comply with the date of your periodic follow-up appointment. This re-examination is for the dentist to adjust the suitable pulling force in accordance with each stage. This step is very important to determine the effectiveness of orthodontics; therefore, you should follow the schedule.

Some questions about orthodontics with porcelain braces

Is orthodontics with porcelain braces hurt?

The whole process of this orthodontic method is carried out by a team of highly experienced and qualified dentists together with modern facilities at Nha Viet, which ensures fast, safe implementation and especially no pain during orthodontics.

Getting braces at Nha Viet with a team of experienced dentist will ensure no pain

How long does orthodontics with porcelain braces take?

The duration of orthodontics with porcelain braces depends on factors such as the condition of your teeth, the professional factor of the dentist or the place you conduct orthodontics. At Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center, orthodontics with porcelain braces usually takes 9 months to 2 years. This is also the best time for a current orthodontics.

Orthodontics with porcelain braces at Nha Viet usually takes 9 months to 2 years

Orthodontics with porcelain braces is one of the orthodontic methods that have many advantages and superior efficiencies in adjusting the misaligned teeth to the right position on the jaw. Therefore, if you or your relatives have dental problems, you should immediately consult the orthodontic solution with porcelain braces at Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center.