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Dental fillings are used for tooth decay or cracked/ broken teeth in adult. Should children need primary (milk) tooth filling when they have a tooth decay? The following article will help you answer this question.


What is primary (milk) tooth filling?


Primary (milk) tooth filling or primary (milk) tooth sealing is a method to restore primary (milk) teeth to children. It is implemented by professional dentists when there are tooth decay, cracked/ broken or damaged teeth, etc.


Primary (milk) tooth filling is implemented by professional dentists


Do primary (milk) tooth decay need fillings?


In children, primary (milk) teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. However, when having primary (milk) tooth decay, children need to have proper primary (milk) tooth filling to keep their teeth fully on the jaw.

If primary (milk) tooth decay in children is not filled or treated promptly, it will develop rapidly, attack on tissues and enamel causing complicated and dangerous complications:

+ Frequently causing pain for children. Namely, it affects their daily life and development.

+ Causing pulpitis/ pulp inflammation disease, pulp necrosis.

+ Early primary (milk) tooth loss affects the permanent dentition later.


Primary (milk) tooth decay in children is not treated promptly causing dangerous complications


According to the advice of dental specialists: When there is primary (milk) tooth decay in children, the dentist will base on

  • Age of the child;
  • Stages of tooth decay;
  • Dental checkup results, etc.

To decide whether the tooth decay need to be filled, treated or extracted. Therefore, parents should take your children to the dentist to have periodic dental checkup at least half a year for better, healthier, proper teeth development in children. It will create a good foundation for permanent teeth later.


Where will you have safe primary (milk) tooth filling?


Dental fillings will be primarily implemented by professional dentists.They are well-trained, highly skilled, experienced. At the same time, they are also effectively supported by modern medical technologies, equipment, etc. It will help primary (milk) tooth filling process to be fast, durable and have a high quality.

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