Primary teeth extraction

There are many ways of primary teeth extraction, including safe and unsafe ways. Therefore, parents need to equip the following knowledge of primary teeth extraction when needed.


Primary teeth extraction should be done at the right time


Primary teeth extraction at the right time will not affect child's teeth replacement, dentition and development. If children extract their primary teeth too early, it will cause some consequences. Namely:

+ The absence of teeth (after early primary teeth extraction) will affect the psychology of children.

+ Ability to chew in children is difficult and painful when chewing.

+ Jawbone and gums do not develop.

+ Permanent teeth are at risk of abnormally slow growth.

+ Permanent teeth grow slowly, which makes gums tighten, causing child’s pain when permanent teeth grow.

Therefore, parents need to note that primary teeth extraction for children needs to be done at the right time. Primary teeth are only extracted when: permanent teeth have grown but the primary teeth have not fallen out, permanent teeth deviate from primary teeth, primary teeth show signs of shattering as they are going to fall out.

Primary teeth extraction for children should be done at the right time, properly and avoid extraction too soon


3 simple ways of primary teeth extraction at home


Parents can extract primary teeth of children by themselves at home with the following 3 simple ways:

Method 1: Use active force of hands

Wrap the gauze on your index finger, use this finger to impact a moderate force on the shaky primary teeth to accelerate the tooth loss process. Or you can impact a slight force on this primary tooth every day to make it more shaky for easier extraction.

Method 2: Impact by tongue of children

Guide your children to use their tongue to push their primary tooth back and forth. When parents see child’s teeth more shaky as it is going to fall out, extracting it. However, parents need to observe to guide your children so that they do not push their teeth with too much force, which makes their tongue and teeth hurt.

Method 3: Primary teeth extraction by strings

Use your hands to impact to make child’s teeth more shaky. Then wrap the sting around the teeth root and then pulling out child’s teeth.


Primary teeth extraction by strings is just one of common ways to extract teeth at home


Although these 3 ways to extract primary teeth are easy, inexpensive, when implementing, parents need to be aware of some problems. Otherwise, it is unsafe for primary teeth extraction at home and causes dangerous complications.

+ Antiseptic, clean hands and tools for primary teeth extraction before impacting on teeth to avoid causing inflammation.

+ Impact on teeth from mild to strong force, minimize pain for children.

+ Primary teeth extraction by yourself can make the teeth root remaining in the alveolus, in the long term may cause an infection, permanent teeth grow out of position,etc. Therefore, you need to note, manipulate definitely when the teeth root has been shaken too much.


Tips for safe primary teeth extraction which does not cause complications


Although there are many ways to extract primary teeth, the safest way to not cause complications is to extract primary teeth for children at dental clinic.

During the period of tooth replacement, finding reputable dental centers is the safest and most effective way.

Nha Viet - Dental Implant Center has a team of enthusiastic, friendly, highly qualified dentists, competently using the technology of Piezotome extraction, etc. to ensure that the primary teeth are extracted gently, painlessly, no bleeding, safely and effectively 100%, absolutely no complications.

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